Trixie & Family

We all had lots of fun on HALLOWEEN.  Lots of things came to the house, and they smelled like friends.  But they looked funny.  Some of them kind of scared me.  But I hid behind my Mom until they left.  Mom put a dress on me and said I’m the cutest nurse she ever saw.  What’s a nurse?  Well anyway, I then walked around the neighborhood with my brother Ben and my sisters Emily and Christina.  Some people gave me cookies.  But at the end of a really long walk, I went home and we all went to bed.  Best Halloween ever.  Love Trixie.

Thanksgiving was pretty nice.  I smelled food all day.  And I got to eat what my Mom calls “people food.”  It was turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and yams and green things I didn’t like and pumpkin pie and other stuff I forgot the name of it.  But it was sooooooo yummy.  Ooo and the best part, there was a new fuzzy blanket on the couch.  I snuggled in it and watched TV with my eyes closed.  Thanksgiving. . . .what a yummy day.

Christmas was exciting.  Lots of paper bags to look in to and lots of paper rolled up and taped on hidden treasures.  It was neat.  Santa came!  I heard him early in the morning.  I thought I would meet a new friend, so I ran down the stairs.  No one was here, but there were what my family called “presents” all around.  I got a stocking full of whemzees and a pig ear.  Yummy.  Is this another yummy holiday?  But there was more.  Presents!  I got some toys.  A ball that my sister Emily kept throwing and saying, “go get it.”  Why should I get it if she throws it?  Shouldn’t she get it?  I don’t understand this game.  But anyway, I got a reindeer I like to snuggle with, and a blanket and more presents.  Christmas was a fun day.  Boy is it nice to have a home.  Thank you Pets on Wheels of Connecticut, and I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

~ Love Trixie