Success Stories

These are just a few of the people and pets that we’ve brought together.  There’s nothing like that first day when a new recipient brings their new best friend home.


Natalie & Zoe

pets on wheels of connecticutFrom being an abandoned throw-away mama to having a home of her own, little Zoe has finally hit the jackpot.  Zoe now has a home filled with love, laughter and even children to play with.  She has settled in nicely with her new family and helps walk her human siblings to the bus stop every morning.



Gigi & Poppy Petal

pets on wheels of connecticutGigi’s search for the perfect dog took a little time, but it was love at first sight for her and Poppy Petal.  Poppy is an affectionate little terrier mix who is eager to learn all there is about being a proper little lady.  One of our volunteers drove Gigi to meet and adopt Poppy, and they stopped at the store on the way home for new food and supplies.  As soon as Gigi got out of the car to walk into the store, Poppy–not even with her new mom for an hour yet–was instantly on the lookout for her return.  These two new friends are going to make beautiful music together.




Twyla Hope & ZL

pets on wheels of connecticut“ZL” adopted Twyla Hope just in time for the holidays.  Twyla has a special ball that she likes to bat around her house and she likes to wake her “Mom” up during the night to play!  She also has attempted to share ZL’s chicken dinner with her, unsuccessfully though.  Her therapist said that she could not be happier for her as she has expressed a desire to have a cat for so long that she just never thought it would happen.  ZL has wanted a cat for many years, and she is so happy to finally have Twyla in her life.  She added Hope to her name after having her a few days as she gives her joy and Hope.  ZL has someone to share Thanksgiving with this year!  She wanted to extend her thanks for making this possible.



Muffie (formerly Ruby) & Pam

pets on wheels of ctThank you so much for all the time and effort you put forth to help me get my girl.  As I write, she is playing with the toys from the basket of goodies and especially loves the squeaker toys.  We have been outside, she’s already met a couple of the neighbors, had a few dog treats and seems to be right at home.  She has a wonderful personality and I’m so happy to have her.

From our volunteers, who went with Pam to the shelter to adopt Muffie:
The poor dog was found wandering the streets by the rescue group.  When Pam brought her home, she walked in like she knew this was her home.  She slept with Pam last night… no more being alone.


Dharma & Keesha

pets on wheels of ctI wanted to personally thank your organization for allowing my family the opportunity to not only to adopt a pet, but the means of ensuring his safety and health.  I believe the concept and mission of your organization is not only genius, but revolutionary in the area of animal activitism.

As a first time client, I felt at ease with the referral system.  In this way, a proper fit between pet and owner can be made.  Not only are the animal’s needs considered, but so are the needs of the family.  Our family is especially appreciative of your organization because we are a low income family with two special needs persons.  In any other case, we could not have been able to afford an animal.  But thanks to Pets On Wheels of Connecticut, we now are thoroughly enjoying our blossoming relationship with our cat buddy, Dharma.

Our family wishes your organization much success; just know that you have made us all very happy!

Martini & Stephen

pets on wheels of ctIt is difficult to be a disabled young adult, shy and living in senior housing.  What friends he does have stayed away most times because the senior neighbors fear them for behaving their age.  Lonely and bored, he needed company.  In came Pets On Wheels of Connecticut (POW CT) and then Martini.

When Elaine from POW CT came to Stephen’s apartment to visit with him prior to a pet adoption, she suggested we meet her at Protectors of Animals (POA) in Glastonbury.  Stephen then went on their web site and made a list of the cats he might be interested in.  The very next Saturday morning we met Elaine at POA.  Stephen brought his list and thought he had found a cat when the worker said — Oh wait, there is one more cat on your list: Martini!  Do you want to meet her?   Stephen agreed.  Martini was taken out of her crate and given to Stephen.  She wrapped her paws around him and snuggled her head.  She chose him.  Stephen smiled a big smile.

This might not sound like it was a big deal, but it was.  You see, one of Stephen’s many disabilities is Dysthymia, a chronic constant depression.  He rarely shows genuine happiness.  He rarely smiles a big smile.  Martini made him smile a big smile.

Martini and Stephen now share his apartment.  She likes to look out the window and waits for him when he comes home from work.  She sleeps beside him at night.  She even sits with him when he plays his video games.   In turn, she has shown Stephen how they can play fetch and catch the mousey.  Pets On Wheels of Connecticut has changed this young man’s life is such a positive way!

Tanner & Tom

pets on wheels of ctLittle Tanner, a lab/retreiver Mix, has found a new home with his Dad, Tom.  Tanner was rescued from a very unsafe environment and it took him a few weeks and a lot of love to feel safe and become happy in his new home.  He is Dad’s, as he puts it, “little miracle.”  He feels like a new person, and Tanner senses when he is not having a good day and takes care of that.  Tom is a veteran who had wanted a dog for a long time, but the veterinary costs were too much for him.  So we are taking care of that!  Tanner has a favorite toy, and he also enjoys gardening with Dad and loves to go “Bye Bye” in the truck!  He is the king of the house.  It was truly rewarding to see the difference in Tom from when we interviewed him a few months back.



Trixie & Amy, Christina, Benjamin, and Emily

pets on wheels of ctIt’s been a month now since Trixie entered our family and our hearts.  She is such a blessing to us and has changed our house, turning it into a home.  My children (Christina, Benjamin, and Emily) and I are so excited to have been able to adopt Trixie.  It wouldn’t have happened without all of you at Pets on Wheels of Connecticut.  We are so very grateful to all of you for giving us the ability to expand our family.  Trixie is a fun-filled ball of joy that she spreads every where she goes.  Since Trixie came into our lives, we have noticed a huge difference in all of us.  Trixie loves walks and socializing.  All of us have a family outing at least twice a week now, either to Petco or Petsmart to meet other doggie families.  I work at a convent and the sisters LOVE when she visits.  They even ask to walk her around the convent and visit often.  You all probably know this already that pets are great therapy for everyone.  Especially Trixie.  She is a lot of fun, full of energy, and has lots of love to share.  She loves to sleep on her blanket on a chair in the living room; she loves to snuggle and watch TV after running around all day.  Her favorite toy is her little lizard that was a gift from her Aunt Ellie.  We finally found her favorite treat; they are Buddy Cookies shaped like gingerbread men.  She doesn’t have a favorite food yet, just anything that has wet canned food in it.  Trixie is very smart for her age (she is 2 this year): she knows basic commands like sit, stay, off, go to the house, and go to bed.  But she knows some cute tricks too, like paw and shake and hi.  Trixie is our new bundle of joy, and we are so happy to have her and so very thankful to Pets on Wheels of Connecticut for giving us the opportunity to adopt her.  Thank you again from all of us.

River & Beth

pets on wheels of ctRiver has made a world of difference for Beth; he is the most playful grown cat that she has ever seen.  When she is really down, he sits by her side, which is what she really wanted for a companion.  His favorite toy is a stuffed mouse that he enjoys throwing in the air and trying to grab on its way down.  He purrs a lot and has the most beautiful green eyes!

Beth is so much happier since she adopted River, and she cannot wait to come home and open that door; he is always waiting for her!  He knows when Beth is not quite feeling well, and he deliberately plays more with his toys, tossing them in the air and chasing his tail until he makes Beth laugh.  He loves his mousy, which he looses often, and they both have to go looking for it.  River has a special pillow on Beth’s bed so they can sleep near each other at night.  He never gets up until Beth wakes up in the morning.  He sits with Beth while she croquets, very interested in that yarn (but does not touch!) and watches TV.  He is everything she ever wanted for pet companionship.

Jasmine & Nancy

pets on wheels of ctNancy, a veteran, lost her cat to old age and has desperately wanted another cat.  Her doctor heard about us on a Better Connecticut segment and contacted us.  Nancy was unable to cover the cost of adoption and the veterinary care, so now she has Jasmine.

Our volunteers went out to visit Nancy and Jasmine, who is still a bit camera shy but a very happy little girl!  Nancy reports that her chair in the living room has become Jasmine’s jungle gym, as she jumps all over it and makes her Mom laugh.  Jasmine lets Mom know in the morning when it is time to get up by nudging her, and her latest antic is to play with Nancy’s pen when she is “attempting” to do her crossword puzzle.  Nancy wants to thank all of you for giving her an early Christmas present!