River and Beth

pets on wheels of connecticutMy name is Bethanie, and this is River.  I adopted him when he was four years old.  He is six years old now.  He is adorable and affectionate, and follows me everywhere, including the bathroom, where the flushing of the toilet seems to be a source of fascination to him.  He loves to play, especially with pompoms and mousies (who each have their own name).  He is an avid sports fan, and enjoys watching baseball and hockey on TV.  He is a very verbal cat, and we have many philosophical conversations.  I love River immeasurably.  He tells me he feels the same way about me.

New Recipient – Gigi and Poppy Petal

Gigi’s search for the perfect dog took a little time, but it was love at first sight for her and Poppy Petal.  Poppy is an affectionate little terrier mix who is eager to learn all there is about being a proper little lady.  One of our volunteers drove Gigi to meet and adopt Poppy, and they stopped at the store on the way home for new food and supplies.  As soon as Gigi got out of the car to walk into the store, Poppy–not even with her new mom for an hour yet–was instantly on the lookout for her return.  These two new friends are going to make beautiful music together.

Tom & Tanner

One of our previous placements, Tanner continues to help his Dad Tom, a veteran, everyday in overcoming the affects of PTSD.  As you can see from the photos, Tanner is quite the busy little guy and is his family’s “little baby.”


New Recipient – Twyla Hope and ZL

pets on wheels of connecticut“ZL” adopted Twyla Hope just in time for the holidays.  Twyla has a special ball that she likes to bat around her house and she likes to wake her “Mom” up during the night to play!  She also has attempted to share ZL’s chicken dinner with her, unsuccessfully though.  Her therapist said that she could not be happier for her as she has expressed a desire to have a cat for so long that she just never thought it would happen.  ZL has wanted a cat for many years, and she is so happy to finally have Twyla in her life.  She added Hope to her name after having her a few days as she gives her joy and Hope.  ZL has someone to share Thanksgiving with this year!  She wanted to extend her thanks for making this possible.

Porcia & Sandy

Porcia Aug 2014Porcia sleeps with Sandy, and there are times when they are laying down on the couch watching TV that Porcia hugs Sandy.  She will put her paw around Sandy’s neck, which Sandy calls ‘spooning.’  Porcia LOVES to play fetch!  Sandy will throw a ball and Porcia brings it back to her!  Sandy has noticed that when she isn’t paying enough attention to Porcia, that Porcia will nip at her hand/arm or jump up on her coffee table and knock things off to get Sandy’s attention!

River & Beth

Sadly, River’s favorite toy, Old Man Mouse, has moved on to the great cheese in the sky.  River and Beth held a funeral to say goodbye.  Luckily, River has some other buddies to play with, Creamsicle and Tangerine.  River will stuff the two stuffed mice under the closet door, then try to squeeze her whole body underneath to free them again.  River makes friends with anybody who comes to visit Beth; although she does sometimes get shy and have to be coaxed out from under the bed with a treat or two.  In the end, River and Beth are the best of friends and just to make sure everyone knows that, River will lick Beth’s forehead until she leaves a mark for all the world to see!

Jasmine & Nancy

Jasmine Aug 2014Jasmine sleeps in Nancy’s room, and if Jasmine gets hungry before Nancy wakes up, Jasmine will do things to make Nancy wake up to feed her! Nancy has also lined her window ledges with beds so that Jasmine can sit/lay and watch what is going on outside. They are favorite spots of Jasmine. Jasmine LOVES to be brushed… she lays on the floor and Nancy brushes her. Jasmine is not a cuddler yet, but in time, we all think she will get there! Nancy is very happy with her kitty.

Trixie & Family

We all had lots of fun on HALLOWEEN.  Lots of things came to the house, and they smelled like friends.  But they looked funny.  Some of them kind of scared me.  But I hid behind my Mom until they left.  Mom put a dress on me and said I’m the cutest nurse she ever saw.  What’s a nurse?  Well anyway, I then walked around the neighborhood with my brother Ben and my sisters Emily and Christina.  Some people gave me cookies.  But at the end of a really long walk, I went home and we all went to bed.  Best Halloween ever.  Love Trixie.

Thanksgiving was pretty nice.  I smelled food all day.  And I got to eat what my Mom calls “people food.”  It was turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and yams and green things I didn’t like and pumpkin pie and other stuff I forgot the name of it.  But it was sooooooo yummy.  Ooo and the best part, there was a new fuzzy blanket on the couch.  I snuggled in it and watched TV with my eyes closed.  Thanksgiving. . . .what a yummy day.

Christmas was exciting.  Lots of paper bags to look in to and lots of paper rolled up and taped on hidden treasures.  It was neat.  Santa came!  I heard him early in the morning.  I thought I would meet a new friend, so I ran down the stairs.  No one was here, but there were what my family called “presents” all around.  I got a stocking full of whemzees and a pig ear.  Yummy.  Is this another yummy holiday?  But there was more.  Presents!  I got some toys.  A ball that my sister Emily kept throwing and saying, “go get it.”  Why should I get it if she throws it?  Shouldn’t she get it?  I don’t understand this game.  But anyway, I got a reindeer I like to snuggle with, and a blanket and more presents.  Christmas was a fun day.  Boy is it nice to have a home.  Thank you Pets on Wheels of Connecticut, and I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

~ Love Trixie


pets on wheels of connecticutThunder is undergoing formal training to be a certified service dog (paid for by friends), as well as being a constant and loving companion to his Dad.  His Dad continues to walk more, which is helping his health.  He visits hospitals and nursing homes often, and he has learned to be very quiet when he visits. Of course, his Dad rewards him after for this. As you can see from the photo, he is very happy around people!!