Our Mission

The mission of Pets on Wheels of Connecticut is to improve the lives of people and pets through the healing qualities of the human-animal bond by supporting the adoption and ownership of homeless dogs and cats.

Pets on Wheels of Connecticut (POW CT) provides an essential, but often overlooked service: financial assistance and transportation for a person in need to adopt their own cat or dog from a local rescue shelter. Too often, the individuals most in need of the love and comfort that a pet can provide are unable to afford the necessary vet care needed to keep the animal healthy and happy. Tasks such as getting to the rescue shelter or transporting a pet to the vet can be impossible without access to animal-friendly transportation. And as essential as adoption fees are to support our local animal shelters, they can be just too high for someone facing financial difficulties.

Pets on Wheels of Connecticut believes that no one should be denied their own pet. We make owning a pet possible despite these barriers, and have placed animals in the homes of senior citizens on fixed incomes, recent military veterans coping with readjustment, socially isolated young adults, and other individuals in need of the unconditional love a pet companion provides. To apply for assistance, please complete this application.

We are a local, entirely donation-funded and volunteer-run nonprofit organization and need your help to continue reaching more people and animals in need. Even if someone you know or love hasn’t mentioned that they’d like a pet, we hope you’ll share this website, or our brochure, with them. We also hope that you'll consider making a donation to support even more people and animals in need.

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Become a Recipient

If you live in central Connecticut and would like assistance to adopt a cat or dog from a local shelter, apply here. We assist with adoption fees, vet care, and transportation to vet appointments.

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Donate via check or PayPal, give through United Way, or even give back with AmazonSmile when you do your regular shopping online.

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Pets on Wheels of CT is entirely volunteer-run. Share your time and talents by volunteering for our placement, fundraising and marketing, and grant writing teams. Or tell us how you’d like to help.